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Browse Me is defined as a full service web design and website development company (Full web Solutions)located in downtown, Beirut, Lebanon. Ever since its establishment in July 2011, it was and still known for its unique creativity, providing an excellent solution for web design & development uniquely for each of its client.

Our teams of web programmers and designers have a solid reputation, history and expansive skill-set. Whether you need creative designs, online marketing campaigns, web maintenance services or the technical expertise of seasoned web developers. We provide the best services in all Lebanon and Arab Countries.

Here at Browse Me, we use our high performance solutions for web and mobile platforms and the latest technology to benefit our clients to the fullest. Our progressive web design and web/mobile applications services are perfect for any business, regardless of size and scope of operation. Our reputation speaks for itself. We are unparalleled in the efficiency of our solutions, and with integrity and optimal quality at the heart of our operations, we have adopted a partner-driven approach to each project we are proud to call client-centered. This approach has allowed us to bring our clients’ dream websites to reality. Our technical mastery and proven experience enable us offer the cutting edge, reliable solutions guaranteed to maximize the returns on your investment.

Our expertise covers every aspect of web and mobile development. Combining the latest and greatest technology has to offer with our drive for excellence, we offer innovative, custom website design and development services. We can handle everything from eCommerce Solutions, Custom Shopping Carts, Web Application Development, Mobile Website Design, and Mobile App Development (iPhone, iPad, Android). We specialize in developing HTML5 enabled mobile applications. Our internet marketing services - SEO, PPC Advertising Campaign Management, and Social Media Optimization, etc. - are backed by a statistically thorough and competitive analysis of the market. We will work with you to meet your strategic and financial requirements not only to satisfy your needs, but also to build an on-going business relationship.

We specialize in using a comprehensive approach to create advanced, scalable web and mobile solutions that meet your every need. We are striven to improve your operational efficiency, customer interaction and brand visibility to help your business move forward.
While working with us, rest easy and leave all your technological requirements up to us! Watch as we exceed your expectations and use our web and mobile solutions to up the ante for your business!


7 New Essential CSS 3 Techniques Revealed

Browse Me

There are several new and exciting functions and features being thought up for CSS3: text-shadow, box-sizing, opacity, multiple backgrounds, border-radius, border-image, etc…

This article presents 7 New CSS3 techniques that every web designer and developer should be aware of. CSS3 for sure will leads to greater flexibility and make effects that was previously complex and difficult to create much easier. Unfortunately it is not currently all the leading browsers that support CSS3. In some cases other techniques are available making our life easier while waiting for CSS3 to break through and these will be briefly covered as well.

Be aware that CSS3 features are not yet accessed directly in most browsers and in some it is not even implemented at all, ex. Internet Explorer. Firefox use a prefixed with -moz-, resulting in fx. -moz-box-sizing. Safari 3 / WebKit uses -webkit-box-sizing and Opera just accepts plain box-sizing. Coding CSS3 is therefore currently a bit irritating as you have to write the same code multiple times with different prefixes. Anyway playing with and understanding the opportunities that new features in CSS3 will offer is is worth investing a bit of your time for.

Border Radius: Create rounded corners

There are many ways to create rounded corners on boxes. The simplest techniques rely on the addition of extra mark-up directly to your page, while the more complicated ones add the mark-up though DOM manipulation. While most of these techniques are interesting to investigate, they are not really elegant. The strength and main goal of CSS is to separate content from presentation, yet using these techniques we are adding “unnecessary” mark-up to our code in order to create a visual effect. The reason that all these creative techniques have been invented is simple. With CSS2.1 we can only assing a single background image per element.

The good news is that W3C has offered some new options in CSS3. With CSS3 you’ll be able to add not one, not four, but eight background images to a single element. This means you’ll be able to create all kinds of interesting effects without the need of those additional elements. CSS3 is also adding border-radius that may eliminate the need for images to create rounded corners in most cases. Both Mozila/Firefox and Safari have implemented this new function, it’s not supported in any IE yet. Below you will see an example:

<div style=" background-color: #ccc;
-moz-border-radius: 5px;
-webkit-border-radius: 5px;
border: 1px solid #000;
padding: 10px;" >


HTML5 takes the internet by storm

Browse Me

Corporate web designers were well aware that most of their customers had slow connections and would not tolerate much of a wait.

Even a simple black and white image could irritate a user, as it gradually appeared on the screen revealing itself one painful line at a time.

That began to change as modem speeds gradually crept up and content makers used more sophisticated methods to encode their multimedia content.

Macromedia's Flash, now an Adobe product, made all the difference when it arrived in the mid-nineties. Animations, video sequences and graphics became more sophisticated.

But since its invention in the early 1990s HTML has not supported video natively.

That is why HTML5 is being received so enthusiastically by businesses in particular. The latest version can perform all kinds of dynamic tasks and visual tricks. The web is progressing faster now than it has in a long time.

Going native

Application developers, like Kevin Sweeney who works at Vimeo, a video-sharing website based in New York, have already embraced the new tools that are built in to HTML5.

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